Water Supply & Holding Tank Rentals

Water system control — water supply tank in Southampton, NJ
Bob Drayton Inc. provides water supply systems, waste holding tanks, and mini flush systems available for trailer rentals. Give us a call today at 609-859-3629 for more information about our available add-ons. Our professional team will discuss the best option for your individual rental and needs.

Water Supply Systems

Water supply systems are great for sales or construction trailers that do not have a water supply available. It comes complete with a fresh water holding tank and a waste water holding tank. The pricing includes a water supply tank, waste tank, and 120-volt water pump. The rental also includes pump repair or replacement if there is an issue with the pump during your rental. If there are more than just a few employees using the water supply system, it may be necessary to also have a low-consumption “RV style” toilet installed. This low consumption toilet helps ensure the water supply will last and not run out between services. There is an additional rental fee and installation cost, so please contact our office to speak to a representative about your water supply needs.

Waste Holding Tanks

Holding tanks are plastic waste holding tanks used primarily for temporary sales or construction trailers without a sewer connection. They are delivered and installed by our experienced service technicians. These tanks are serviced weekly or as needed. We have a variety of sizes available. The 300-gallon tank is our most popular model. Please call us with your specific needs. If your site does not have a water supply, please select our water supply system.

Mini Flush Systems

Now there's a toilet that can go anywhere people work. The mini flush is a self-contained flushing toilet system used in temporary offices, lunchroom trailers, boats, and other places where a complete portable toilet enclosure is either inconvenient or won't fit.