Septic System FAQ & Information


Can I Save Money on My Septic System?

You can save money on your septic system with proper maintenance from Bob Drayton Inc.. With proper maintenance, we can detect and prevent future damage to your septic system. Bob Drayton Inc. offers maintenance programs to eliminate the need for you to have to remember when you should have your septic system inspected. If you interested in saving money and making the most out of your septic system, call Bob Drayton Inc. today.

Why Should I Have Routine Maintenance If My System Isn't Causing Any Problems?

While your septic system may not be showing any visible signs of damage, there could be build up on the inside of your tank. Over time, your tank accumulates solids that natural bacteria is not able to break down. This accumulation causes poor drainage and can even lead to septic system failure. Bob Drayton Inc. recommends having your septic system maintained every two to three years.

How Long Will My Septic System Last?

All septic systems have a finite life, meaning they will eventually fail. How long a system will last from its first day of usage depends on a lot of factors starting with proper sizing and installation, soil composition, water table or water table change throughout the years, trees and subsequently tree root intrusion, amount of use and or abuse, and last but not least proper routine maintenance and pumping.